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Tim Davies

Ruby on Rails consultant and web developer working in the North West UK.

Passionate about open-source, quality coffee & mechanical watches.

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Hi, I’m Tim, a software developer from the North West UK. I’ve been working with the web since an early age and care deeply for open-source and the open web. Recently I’ve been building Trunk, a self-hosted notes management app, similar to Evernote.

Nowadays, I work mainly with Ruby on Rails and Javascript, however previously I’ve worked with Go, Node.js, Swift and PHP. I’m sometimes available for consulting work so please get in touch if you’d like to hear more about my services.


Why I built Trunk

I've never been entirely satisfied with Evernote. The interface isn't fantastic, the sync is often unreliable and I'd rather write notes in Markdown than their custom rich text format. I've seen a lot of people with similar complaints so when I decided to move away from it several months ago, I was surprised to see there wasn't much in the way of competition.

Introducing Mines - my first iOS game

Mines is a simple minesweeper game for iPad. It doesn't use anything special — no game engines, etc — just a lot of UIViews. There are a lot of minesweeper games for iOS but they're often overcomplicated and ugly (many of them mimicking the Windows 95 style). I find my version quite nice to play.

My second app - Manuals for iPhone and iPad

Manuals is a simple Linux man-page viewer for iOS. It's an app I've wanted for quite a while, so I decided to build it. I've been trying to improve my iOS skills recently and thought it was a good challenge.

Introducing Coffee Calculator

Today I open-sourced my app Coffee Calculator. It's a simple app that I built in Swift. It won't be super-popular, but I needed it (in fact I use it every day) so I made it.

Domain Trouble

I've known that 123-reg are pretty awful for quite some time. Their interface is dreadful, their auto-renewal service is well-known for charging customers even when it's disabled for a particular domain and I've had a couple of arguments with them regarding their poor security practices over the years.